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About Our Farm

Our Farm’s Story
Jackrabbit Greens is a small indoor urban farm startup that grows microgreens with sustainable and organic values. The farm is located in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood, and is owned and operated by Zack Vrana.

By the middle of March 2020, we knew that life as we knew it was changing. With a pandemic looming large, a lot of extra time on our hands, and some stimulus cash from the federal government, we began hatching plans.

We contemplated impulsively buying a food truck and other hare-brained schemes. After more thinking, we realized that we had unused space that could be converted to a grow space which would give us a jackrabbit start. Within a week of extensive research and long conversations, we had ordered lumber, growing equipment, grow trays, seeds, and we were off to the races. 

We built an indoor, hydroponic, vertical farming system that is reliable and efficient. As we shared our bounty with friends and family, the response gave us the confidence we needed to go to market.

Zack Vrana lives on-site at our Bay View neighborhood urban farm in Milwaukee, WI. Zack works in corporate purchasing and was operator of a restaurant for several years.