Free Delivery 52 Weeks a Year! No Mimimums. Winter Delivery Day is Saturday

We're growing for you.

Come get your greens!

If you're like us, food is at the center of your lives and your relationships. That is why we have embarked on an urban farming journey. We are committed to growing greens that power our community. Learn more about our story here.

How we grow
Our hydroponic vertical farming system was built with our core mission in mind: To provide local, reliable, convenient greens while minimizing impacts on the environment. We are dedicated to growing our glorious greens free of pesticides and herbicides. And because of our unique setup, we have reduced by up to 90% the amount of water used to grow our crops, making this one very environmentally friendly farm! This system also allows for a more controlled and efficient environment, which helps us avoid contaminants.

What we grow
We grow nutrient-packed microgreens, baby leaf and Lil Gem lettuces, and edible flowers. We’re excited to offer a variety of greens that complement your diet. 

We also have the ability to provide live trays of greens for maximum freshness and have developed a system for live totes of salad greens, which extends the shelf life of the product and delivers to you a maximum value.

How to buy
We will initially be offering our greens in a few modes. You can come visit us at the Farmers Market but you can also order directly from our website. Our easy-to-use interface means you can easily hop online and set up a delivery or pickup.

We are hoping to also develop a CSA subscription in order to gain a more stable and permanent relationship with our core group of consumer supporters. 

Last, we are working to make our greens available at grocery stores and to work with restaurants and other organizations to bring fresh-cut wholesale produce right to their doors.

Growing Season
We grow 52 weeks a year. Our indoor, hydroponic vertical farming setup means that Wisconsin winters will not shorten our supply. And in January, you won’t have to buy lettuces shipped in from California--you can still get the same great local greens we grow every day. Local, reliable, and convenient.

We are offering delivery to certain zip codes in Madison and Milwaukee and along the I-94 corridor.

You can check out where we deliver to here.

If you live in one of these zip codes, you’ll automatically be given free delivery at check out. If you live outside the area, you’re welcome to order but it comes with a delivery fee.

Currently, we deliver on Saturdays in the Milwaukee Area and Sundays in the Madison Area. Free Delivery for all orders in our delivery zone.

We will notify you of your estimated delivery time, within a two hour window. We will default to dropping at your front door or near your mailbox. After delivery, we’ll send you confirmation via txt/email. Our greens will be happy at your door for a short period of time because they are freshly cut and freshly packaged.

If you have a special request, please reach out and we’ll see if we can accommodate it. As a startup, we can’t do it all--but we are also motivated to earn your business!

Folks who are local to our farm in Bay View MKE can choose to pick up their greens. We will offer pickup on Fridays from 5-8pm or by appointment. All pickups are curbside, which means you’ll want to call or text us when you arrive. We’ll make sure your order is ready to go and fresh cut, and will bring it out to you.

Weekly Order Deadline

We grow to order, which means that when you order, we'll plant and cultivate. Our pickups are on Thursdays. Deliveries are on Fridays. It takes roughly 7-10 days for us to grow for you.

If you order by Tuesday, your pickup date would be the Thursday of the next week. Your delivery date would be the Friday of the next week. For example, if you ordered on Tuesday the 1st, you'd receive delivery on Friday the 11th.

We also grow for market, so we occasionally have greens available on a tighter schedule to fit your needs. Reach out to us with specific requests!